C-SASI are leaders in the sex addiction field...

providing ongoing professional development opportunities, education and support for those working from a Christian worldview. C-SASI is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board, some of whom also work with our trainees as supervisors/mentors at a reduced rate (from field standards). To cover our expenses we rely on the donations of those who share a common vision. Donations help us to:

  • Train and certify clinicians, pastors, coaches, lay leaders and others to work with sex addicts, partners and their families from a Christian perspective
  • Use technology to train professionals online in order to reduce travel expenses
  • Expand to train and certify professionals internationally
  • Pay a part-time administrator and website developer
  • Promote and run our conferences
  • Work toward increasing our reach and impact in the recovery community


Christian Sex Addiction Specialists International (C-SASI, formerly IACSAS) is a non-profit, Christian organization comprised of leaders in the sex addiction/partner trauma fields which aims to equip Christian therapists and clinicians; life coaches; pastors and ministers; lay church leaders and peer facilitators with the resources they need to effectively and ethically help those whose lives have been impacted by sexual addiction. We achieve these goals by:

  • Offering professional development opportunities—including advanced training and certification—to clinicians and life coaches who have undergone previous specialist training in sex addiction and partner (of sex addict) trauma training with another approved organization
  • Running training and certification events for clergy, para-church organizations and lay leaders looking to support those wounded by sexual addiction—including pastoral sex addiction specialist training and support-group facilitator training
  • Providing clinical supervision (therapists) and peer supervision and/or mentoring (coaches/church community) for those practicing or ministering in the sex addiction/partner trauma fields
  • Organizing an annual conference—for those who work in these fields—which serves as an opportunity for face-to-face professional development, networking and peer support
  • Providing online communities for those who work in this field (e.g., peer facilitator Facebook group, online forums, blog, etc.)


  • Equip ourselves and other believers with the knowledge and skills needed to provide ethical care and relational healing for addicts, partners, families and Christian communities impacted by sexual addiction and betrayal trauma 
  • Advocate for ethical care in the clinical and church communities
  • Create awareness of how healthy sexuality, as defined by Christian principles, is developed and maintained
  • Collaborate with organizations around the globe who train and equip clinicians and pastoral care providers in sex addiction therapy/support best practices
  • Make research and other resources available to those working, studying, etc. in this field