Upon completion of module 3 in any one of the C-SASI tracks, the trainee has the right to bear the credentials of his or her track, citing, when appropriate, C-SASI as the training provider. The credentials are:

  • CCSAS (certified clinical sex addiction specialist)

  • C(P/L)SAS (certified pastoral/lay sex addiction specialist)

  • CFSAS (certified facilitator sex addiction specialist)

  • CSASC (certified sex addiction specialist, coach)

These credentials signify completion of the given C-SASI track, and are not associated with any CEUs. 

Clinical and coaching trainees must already be established professionals in a therapy related profession (i.e., psychologist, marriage and family therapist, social worker, professional counselor, mental health counselor, psychiatrist, physician, clinical nurse practitioner, certified life coach) before using the clinical or coaching designations. Associate/provisional licensures are acceptable.

C-SASI members in good standing (trainees or certified) gain ongoing access to the C-SASI online resources and community and receive a discount for conference attendance. 


To remain a member in good standing requires renewal of the certification every two years from the date the certification was first issued. The re-certification requirements include: 

Evidence of 20 hours (clinicians) or 10 hours (others) of ongoing professional development, at least 10 of which must be related to sex addiction or partner trauma. Reading/viewing resource material may account for 50% of professional development hours for clinicians and 100% for others.

Please email evidence (e.g., reading list, signed documentation re. completion of workshops, etc.) to admin@c-sasi.org before paying your renewal fee.

The renewal fee is $150 for clinicians and $100 for others.



Those members who received CCSAS or CPSAS certification through IACSAS prior to 2018 are welcome to continue to use this designation as part of their credentials, citing C-SASI as the accrediting body. Pastoral specialists (CPSAS) may, if they wish, choose to switch to the CLSAS designation.