C-SASI trains and certifies...

therapists, pastoral counselors, group facilitators, and coaches in best practices for helping sex addicts, their spouses/partners and their families find healing. Our training is offered from a Christian, and holistic, or "family systems," perspective.

About Sex Addiction

As an organization we embrace the term "sex addiction" and see it as referring to habitual engagement in, and neurochemical or emotional dependency on, a broad range of “sexual acting out” behaviors including porn use, hiring of sexual services, affairs, one-night-stands and more. Unlike some of the sex addiction therapy community, C-SASI accepts that habitual self-sex, fantasizing, lusting and emotional affairs can be an addiction—or in other language, a type of sin-trap that is extremely damaging to marital (and other) relationships. In some cases, where the acting out is less habitual, these types of behaviors may be referred to as “sexual integrity issues.”

Many of our practitioners are willing to work with a wide range of concerns—from sexual integrity issues through to some forms of criminal sexual behaviours—however, it is up to those seeking help to ask potential practitioners if they work with their particular area of concern.

Partner Trauma

Christian Sex Addiction Specialists International works closely with Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. Our pracititioners are all taught about partner trauma, and some—particularly many of our group facilitators—specialize in this area. A list of coaches and clinicians who work specifically with the wives/partners of sex addicts can be found on the APSATS website.

Christian Worldview

One of C-SASI's main goals is to equip ourselves and other believers with the knowledge and skills needed to provide ethical care and relational healing for addicts, partners, families and Christian communities impacted by sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

Virtually all of our members live and work from a Christian worldview. Nevertheless, many work regularly with those who do not ascribe to this worldview. Moreover, as a whole our members represent various denominations and Christian beliefs. Our directories do not list any specific denominational affiliation, so if you are looking for a specialist with a specific affiliation please email us to make an enquiry.