C-SASI is founded on the core values of...


“In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity.”
We strive to build and strengthen collaborative relationships with organizations providing best practices and ethical standards in equipping and training clinicians and pastoral care providers. 


We strive to extend mutual respect and compassion to all within C-SASI and those with whom we partner. We seek to meet or exceed member satisfaction by providing support, education and resources.

Ethical care

We hold ourselves and our colleagues to our organizational ethical and moral standards in personal and professional conduct (see standards and code of conduct below).
We seek to:

  • Honor commitments to those we serve

  • Take responsibility for our weaknesses and failures

  • Practice good stewardship of our resources


We evaluate organizational strengths and weaknesses by continuously seeking both internal and external feedback. We evaluate changing environments and optimize opportunities to meet our organizational mission of equipping and supporting members to effectively and ethically help those whose lives have been impacted by sexual addiction.

C-SASI ethical standards and code of conduct

(adapted, with permission, from the APSATS ethical standards and code)

Ethical Standards

C-SASI is an organization of helping professionals who value professionalism and integrity in all areas of our work. These values are foundational for all we do, not only in our interactions with our clients/those we support and outside professionals, but also within our community. We honor and respect one another.

All C-SASI community members (including those we train and certify) are bound by their own professional ethical standards in terms of ethical behavior toward clients, other professionals, and the broader public. C-SASI strives to earn and maintain a reputation for ethical interactions. We not only teach about safety in relationships, we also practice safety within our community. It is foundational to what we do and who we are.